Kate Palmer Albers

Kate Palmer Albers
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Since 2018, I’ve been Associate Professor of Art History at Whittier College in Los Angeles, where I teach courses on visual culture, new media, contemporary art, and history and theory of photography. Before that, I was on the art history faculty at the University of Arizona for ten years.

My new book is The Night Albums: Visibility and the Ephemeral Photograph, published with UC Press in November, 2021. It addresses photographic ephemerality, unseen images, “live” photography, and new forms of latent image—featuring artists’ projects that engage with popular modes of contemporary media technology within a deeply networked culture while also extending back through to the earliest days of the medium. Ultimately, I want to offer a counterpoint to the predominant theoretical modes of understanding the medium and make a case for the experiential value of fleeting images.

I also have an ongoing interest in the roles of narrative, biography, and archive in relation to visual art, particularly around the American writer and curator Nancy Newhall. My current projects include writing a fictional version of The Night Albums; a series of essays on “difficult” images that move through different mediums; and research on transgender and non-binary representations in photography.


Night Albums

The Night Albums: Visibility and the Ephemeral Photograph

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Uncertain Histories: Accumulation, Inaccessibility, and Doubt in Contemporary Photography


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